Welcome to Lord and Lady Tower's Blog Lord and Lady Towers

Welcome to Lord and Lady Tower's Blog

Welcome Aboard!

Its a great pleasure to meet you and have you join us on this amazing journey! I will admit, with us bouncing back and forth between various timelines we get a little discombobulated here and there...but we will do our very best to update this blog whenever we are stationed at port! 

You may be asking yourself...who are these two strange people...running around time as they are? Well let me first introduce ourselves before rambling further! 


I am Lady Towers, outfit designer extraordinaire, published author, and Macabre aficionado! I have dabbled in many things including fabric craft, soap making, taxidermy, medical oddity acquisition and the occasional overthrow of multiverse dictators... but I digress. If you are emailing us here it is most likely me who you are talking to! I am also the organizer of things. 


The other person here is Lord Towers, maker extraordinaire! Lord Towers is a mad scientist by nature, and loves to make and create all sorts of amazing and unique inventions. He is a multi-award winning artist for his dimensional art and known around the world for his iconic imagery. If you need something build...from a backpack to a 23 foot long dinosaur..he's your man! 

Not only do we make things...but we travel around the United States and the Mulitverse trying to help educate people about Steampunk...but that's not our only interest! We love all things Cyberpunk, Gothic, Neo Victorian, Fantasy, Science Fiction...you name it. Ok, Ok, we're massive geeks and we admit it!

We also try hard to create items that you can integrate into your lives as fun meaningful ways to show off your love for the unusual! 

Keep checking back for more details about where we are going next, and what sort of fun shenanigan's we are up to! Also make sure to sign up for our email list for updates here...and also it you would like to support us on our journeys feel free to check out our Patreon at www.patreon.com/steamtowers