The Making of the Steampunk Circus Corset

The Making of the Steampunk Circus Corset

So, first of all...Hi, I'm Lady Towers, resident seamstress. We have an event coming up called Wild Wild West Con 11 ( and every year we have new outfits to debut.

So this years theme is 1920s, and I'm not going to be making a standard 1920s outfit...because malarkey on that...I of course have to make something so ridiculous that I give myself grey hairs. I'm going to *try* to make a Metropolis themed corset and dress. But if you look at the Metropolis android, she has these perfectly round 'breast plates".

Without some act of god this is not going to happen on my very busty frame, so I'm going to have to be creative. So I figured I'd share with yall my method in case you ever want to try to make one yourself.

In an attempt to design this magical Over-bust corset, I started by drawing out what I wanted and calculating out the math. (Yes, this included measuring my breasts at all angles and directions.) I unfortunately don't have pictures for this step, so I may go over it more in depth on another post. So once I had all the math down I started to draft out my pattern:

I used some fabric that I had been saving that wasn't enough for anything big, but that I liked enough to keep for the outside of the corset, and a bed sheet for the inside lining/contrast parts. I sewed together the facing and lining and then installed the boning support sheaths. 

I made the mistake of using plastic boning, which could not support the weight of my breasts on its own, so after assembly I decided to add a neck strap to help prevent any accidental 'over exposure'.

And here is the final result:


Is it perfect? HECK NO! And there was a lot of peaks and tweaks here and there to help get it to where it finally wound up. But this is why i test these things out, it showed me several things I needed to fix in preparation for the final pattern/ corset. That is why I make these one off 'tester' pieces to help me better understand where I may need to adjust or alter a pattern to make it fit better. That being said I still remember now why I hate making over-busts so much.  That being said I love to make under-bust corsets, so if you are ever in the market for an underbust corset let me know, I do custom commissions and although it will cost you more than one of those Aliexpress corsets, it will feel so much better! A good corset feels good to wear all day. 


Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk :p

Lady Towers