Brass Screw Consortium- Port Townsend Washington- A Review

Brass Screw Consortium- Port Townsend Washington- A Review

If you've been to a convention of any kind, you know there are two laction varieties: Hotel/Convention Center or "Themed" locations. Brass Screw Consortium is an amazing themed location steampunk event that takes place in downtown Port Townsend Washington in early June. 

If you are looking for big name bands, or lots of panels you will be sorely amiss, but if you want a fun, engaging, midly LARP style atmostphere, than BSC is for you!

Brass Screw features many amazing activities to particpate in, including a grand Bodgers exhibition, featuring creations made solely from spare parts often bringing to life the most amazing of things!

For example here is a creation our friend Tim Wilbur made that, when you turn the globe, shows you the time in that region! It is so cool!

There are fun demonstrations and interactive events:

There is also amazing dancing and live music all the time.

We got to see the amaznig Dogwood live again!

And danced the night away on both friday and saturday night until we were dead on our feet!

But my favorite part of BSC is the friendship that comes with it. When you are at BSC you aren't a stranger anymore!

All these amazing people give out the best hugs and warmest welcomes!

So if you are interested in checking it out next year, make sure to follow their webpage at


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